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[ February 16th 2005 ]

Lara Croft creator Toby Gard will use the E3 forum to speak about his role as senior designer with U.S. based studio Crystal Dynamics where he is back working on the digital icon he help create during his tenure at Core Design in 1995. From the press junket: "The more compelling the character, the more likely gamers will want to associate and 'play with' that character. Tomb Raider's Lara Croft is devoted to her mission. Grand Theft Auto's 'CJ' plays by his own rules. In the upcoming Psychonauts, straight-arrow Raz is earnest and honest as they come. "

What are the secrets to developing game characters that draw in gamers? Equally important, what will be the secrets as better technology and AI expand the possibilities in the future for developing compelling game characters? What counts most? Is it physical appearance, humour, emotional depth, or ability to overcome challenges? What must-have traits do newly-minted characters need to gain immediate traction with gamers? And what traits should designers avoid?

This session will bring together some of the industry's most successful game creators and ask them to share their formula for creating strong, compelling characters and top-selling games. Gard will join Marc Laidlaw, writer/game designer with Valve, Tim Schafer, founder of Double Find Productions and Joe Staten, cinematic director with Bungie Studio on Wednesday, May 18.

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