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[ February 9th 2005 ]

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lockdown ships March 2005 and is being developed for the PlayStation 2 at Red Storm Entertainment, and for the Microsoft Xbox at Ubisoft's Montreal studio. Ubisoft invites you to meet the Global Liberation Front.

THE GLOBAL LIBERATION FRONT - The Global Liberation Front (GLF) is a worldwide terrorist organization split up into various cells. The GLF blames the developed nations for the problems of the Third World, and they want the developed nations to change their policies immediately. The GLF's stance is broad enough to attract members of terror organizations from all over the world, including the Revolutionary Freedom Army, the New World Movement, the Marxist Radical Front, and October Resistance. They demand all Third World debts forgiven, an end to all military occupation by First World nations, and a change in global financial practices.

DEREK MERGEN - Mergen is the leader of the Olivet cell of the Global Liberation Front. Before joining the GLF, Mergen was a member of the Marxist Radical Front, and is responsible for several bombings throughout the United Kingdom. He is the commander of a GLF training compound under a brandy distillery in France.

STEPHANE LAMONTAIGNE - Lamontaigne is the leader of the Paris cell of the GLF. A former member of the October Resistance, he is wanted for several terror attacks in Germany during the nineties.

HERMAN KRIEGER - Krieger is the leader of the Calais cell of the GLF. He has been affiliated with several terror groups, including the United Fatherland Brigade.

BASTIAN VANDERWAAL - Vanderwaal is the leader of the Gibraltar cell of the Global Liberation Front. He was responsible for the terror attack in Pretoria, South Africa.

FRANCOIS RIMBAUD - An arms dealer from Paris, Rimbaud has worked with terror groups and militias all over the world. His newest client is the Global Liberation Front, and Rimbaud has furnished the GLF with heavy weaponry, including RPGs and assault rifles.

NICOLAI YEZHOV - Yezhov is a former KGB officer. In the years since the dissolution of the KGB, Nick has been working for various crime syndicates in Asia. He and Ding Chavez (a former CIA operative) have a history together.

FAISAL AHMIDAN - A gunrunner from Algeria, Ahmidan has worked with dozens of terror groups, including the Global Liberation Front. His base of operations is a small village in the Sahara, where he stores his weapons and equipment.

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