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[ February 3rd 2005 ]

The crank compressing time like some divine piston on its awesome down stroke has slowly ground to a halt after the sobering revelation that possible information on Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider video-game billed to debut in issue 59 of PSM2 magazine might not matriculate after all. A conversation with Future Publishing earlier today yielded no definitive confirmation that Lara Croft would be spectacularly unveiled in the March issue of the popular magazine.

Since development of the Tomb Raider franchise was extracted from former caretaker Core Design to acclaimed Soul Reaver creators Crystal Dynamics in 2003, Eidos has - rather surprisingly - maintained an effective shut-down on all information leaks surrounding their leading franchise title, although sparse details were revealed middle of last year in an interview with PSM2. Back then, an early build of Tomb Raider 7 had been mobilised with core elements fuelled by the Soul Reaver graphics engine. That engine, said Eidos, had been tinkered with to include the introduction of vehicles that would assist problem solving elements in the game.

Eidos also revealed that Crystal Dynamics intended to restore the original properties of Lara Croft - ardent Tomb Raider, procurer of all things ancient - and a game reminiscent of the original title from Core Design. A feel akin to Prince Of Persia's agility and level design was also mooted.

Stay tuned for more info, and be sure to check out our Tomb Raider 7 microsite for a complete archive of headlines on Crystal Dynamics' first Lara Croft-helmed adventure with a bevy of new media showcasing Tomb Raider 7 coming soon. Next month's edition of PSM2 is out Feb 10th. Pick up a copy!

* Opening quote by Tony Gayton - The Salton Sea.

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