Copyright 2005 Nigel Willgrass / Louise Willgrass Tsunami Fund

[ February 3rd 2005 ]

Louise Willgrass was tragically killed by the tsunami in Phuket, Thailand. A couple sheltered her husband Nigel and their four children the night directly after the tsunami and drove them the 12 hour trip in their pick-up truck to Bangkok the next day. These people have absolutely nothing, yet they gave so much. Despite having lost a close friend themselves, they ensured the children were looked after while their father searched for their mother, then sheltered, fed and comforted the whole family until they were safe in Bankok, a heart warming act for which they would accept no payment.

Louise's tsunami fund has been formed in her memory and will channel proceeds into projects in need of help within the Phuket area as advised by the couple who gave so much. "Ideally we would like to help with the building of new schools and developing the schools that are currently there and also provide books and desks where needed.

"We have learned that 300 children have either been orphaned, or lost the main breadwinner from their family, so it is imperative that we can ensure the continuation of these childrenís schooling."


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