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[ January 7th 2001 ]

Following yesterdays official unveiling of Microsoft's XBox at CES, Lara Croft's Tomb Raider has topped a growing list of confirmed titles for the next generation console. Tomb Raider Next Generation will sport a dramatic change of direction for Lara Croft as she powers her way through a new episodic series of adventures spanning an initial five year period. With pressure for more advanced and environmentally challenging titles, Core Design's new game engine is aimed explicitly at the next generation of gaming consoles, including PS2 and the new XBox.

Boasting a large raised signature XBOX "jewel" emblazoned on it's centre, the XBox features raised ribs that run across the rich, black exterior of the console, giving it the look of a supercharged car stereo amplifier. The controller combines a sleek two-handed grip with more game-control buttons and triggers than any other game console. Extra-long controller cables stream from the back of the console and glow green from the inside.

Microsoft designer Horace Luke said of the XBox, "Gamers are going to know right when they see this console and controller what to expect when they turn on the Xbox. They are going to know they are playing on a system that offers more power and new, unforeseen gaming experiences than they've ever seen on a home console."

Further confirmed titles include the Crash Bandicoot series, F1 World Grand Prix 2 and the controversial Metal Gear.

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