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[ January 17th 2005 ]

Dynamic Forces today released images and information concerning their editions of Top Cow's newest one-shots featuring "team-ups" of Witchblade, Darkness and Tomb Raider! "This is great news for fans that may have missed out on these incredible one-shots the first time around," explained Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces.

"When DF first produced these exclusives with Top Cow, we got the best of the best - Mark Millar, Geoff Johns, Paul Jenkins, Mark Texeira, and Jae Lee (who's now exclusive to Marvel). Now, we've worked with Top Cow to double up the excitement, and included new Jae Lee covers on these titanic two-in-ones!"

In addition to the DF Exclusive Editions of these Top Cow Classics, fans and retailers have the chance to win one of the Jae Lee original cover. Follow the hyperlink below for full details on how to purchase exclusive Tomb Raider covers and comic books.

Dynamic Forces Top Cow Tomb Raider PRE-ORDER

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