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[ January 13th 2005 ]

Motor City's coming to Tinseltown. Ford is opening the first talent agency in Hollywood for cars. In a first for a car company, auto giant Ford has set up digs in Beverly Hills, complete with a fleet of its hottest models - from the brand new Mustang convertible to the Range Rover - in an effort to turn each of them into film or TV stars. The carmaker has even tapped its own powerbroker, independent filmmaker Al Uzielli - who happens to be the grandson of Henry Ford 2nd - to help shmooze Hollywood.

While Ford is the first to head to L.A., its rivals claim they are just as aggressive in grabbing Hollywood's attention. "You don't necessarily need an internal resource, you need to know how to market," said Daimler Chrysler spokeswoman Suraya Dasante, noting Chrysler's big-screen partnership between its Jeep brand and Paramount flick "Tomb Raider." Follow the below hyperlink for the full article.

Ford Motor Company takes on Hollywood

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