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[ January 12th 2005 ]

G4 sends us word on an upcoming show to feature video-game heroine Lara Croft. Girls Gone Wired is THE digital beauty pageant for the 21st century, a special series featuring the hottest 2D and 3D women on the planet. Video game vixens like Tomb Raiderís Lara Croft and Hitomi from Dead or Alive will vie against Final Fantasyís Yuna and the girls of Konamiís Rumble Roses for titles like Hottest Newcomer, Sexiest Voice and Most Likely to Kick Enemy Ass.

Contestants will strut their stuff before a panel of celebrity and expert judges. Finalists will be announced online and G4techTV viewers will have a chance to vote for the pageantís top beauty. Titles and tiara will be handed out at a very special awards show sure to be the sexiest night of 2005!

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