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[ January 5th 2001 ]

Budding Tomb Raider level designers will glean with excitement at the news that John Jones of Croft's Gate, an affiliate of the GameSpy Network, have released the first unofficial Texture Editor for Chronicles Level Editor users. The Texture Editor enables the porting of bitmaps into the application which are then converted to tiled images and applied, via the Chronicles Level Editor, to the rooms.

The release of the Texture Editor paves the way for increased competition for more newer, architecturally sound and visually stunning levels increasing the shelf life of Tomb Raider indefinately. The Tomb Raider level editor, which ships with PC versions of Tomb Raider Chronciles, allows you to create and play your own Tomb Raider adventures from scratch. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned programmer, the editor software will have you building Tomb Raider-esque levels in no time.

Download the Texture Editor here. Read the John Jones Interview

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