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[ January 9th 2005 ]

Eidos has confirmed to the fine folk of South Africa what the rest of the world has known about for two years.. Tomb Raider 7 in 2005! "You can count on seeing a new Lara Croft title in 2005," reveals Eidos' Theodossios Theodoridis to Independent Online, the country's leading newspaper earlier today.

Well slap my ass and call me Sally! A new Tomb Raider game for 2005 my cricket-loving patriots! Contain your excitement and surprise! Here's another bit of info that's sure to tip you over the edge. Core Design ain't got it anymore! Crystal Dynamics have! <insert collective gasp of astonishment>

OK. We're done extrapolating context. '2005 - The Year Of The Video Game' is actually worth perusing through. Independent Online speculates 2005 will be more geared up for mobile gaming than anything else. Link HERE. Muchus gracious Google, you all seeing eye.. you.

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