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[ January 7th 2005 ]

Greetings fine Tomb Raider folk! We hope you had a pleasant Christmas and New Year, and we wish you much happyness for 2005. As you can see, we've been rather busy during the festive period and hereby award you our new Tomb Raider Chronicles web site.

What we may have overlooked was the size of our tried and tested older version, and we're busy working our way through 3,000 documents frantically converting to our new template. Some sections of our web site may still sport the old Tomb Raider Chronicles theme, but we were just so damn excited to go green with the new theme we hope you'll forgive us while we play catch-up.

Enjoy our new web site! Please feel free to contact us with suggestions or comments regarding the new design. Through your welcomed input we can ensure the needs of our readers are met. Temporary links to some of our microsites can be found on the right hand side of this (and every other) page. A new dynamic menu will be functional shortly to provide access to all our Tomb Raider, Eidos, Core, Crystal Dynamics and Paramount microsites. Just about everyone and their mother uses drop down menu systems now, so we are steering back to a static navigation system.


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