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[ December 10th 2004 ]

Swedish magi Marcus Trogen has been composing Tomb Raider inspired music for more than five years, his work underscored by the familiar and unique sound of the Lara Croft adventure game series. To commemorate and compliment his already stunning portfolio, Marcus announces the release of Wild Waves Whisper, available to download exclusively from his official web site www.marcustrogen.com from midnight on December 10th, 2004.

On the influences of Wild Waves Whisper, Marcus says: "Wild Waves Whisper is a project that was started 4 years ago. During my time online, I've been sent feedback from different people, a few of whom have become good friends. One of them is a person known in the TR community as Ocean-Sirius, an imaginative person with a lot of spirit and great sense of humor. Upon reading her poem "Wild Waves Whisper", I could sense the salty air and hear the splashing waves in my head. The idea of creating a tune based on this poem was born, work was started, but due to personal ups and downs, it would take 4 years before I finished it.

"Initially I wanted a Lara-like voice to read the words, and mix it with music, however, a friend from Croatia, Vlatka Srzik, stepped in and read the poetry for me. I couldn't really have asked for anyone other than her, her voice suits perfectly, and even though her accent isn't British, it fits exceptionally well to the mood of the music. Overall, she was the perfect choice for this. After 4 years, it feels good to finally be able to put the "finished" label on the project. What did Ocean-Sirius, the originator, have to say about the tune? "That is a great piece! Really fits the dreamy mood of the poetry. It is also very unique. Well done! I enjoyed listening to it fifty thousand times.

"I couldn't have done it without help. My outmost thanks to Vlatka Srzik for her brilliant performance, and Vladimir Sterle, who was instrumental in helping out, and last but not least, Ocean-Sirius, for the patience and her imaginative poetry, which is the main source for this song. Ocean-Sirius's Wild Waves Whisper poem, along with the rest of her work, can be found at https://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/oceansirius/

Download Wild Waves Whisper from Marcus

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