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[ November 11th 2004 ]

Nell has once again teamed up with her instructor Liam Duffy and joined his class of regulars to take on Ultimate Challenge Ultimate Results. The workout is tough and fast-paced to fantastic original music, giving Nell the chance to prove just how fit she really is, but it is suitable for everyone as it is structured so that you can build up your strength and fitness levels gradually.

Nell has always maintained a high level of fitness, completing this year's Flora London Marathon in an impressive 3hrs 20 mins, and openly admits how much she enjoys everything from gym work to pounding the streets. "I take my fitness very seriously but it is vital to me I have fun at the same time. Exercise for me can be done virtually everywhere."

With the experience of two other fitness DVD's behind her, Nell feels that Ultimate Challenge Ultimate Results is just that and says "This time we've incorporated more squats, more abs and more stretches. Although this year may appear more hard core it is also suitable for everyone as it is structured so that you can gradually build your strength and fitness levels and includes extra routines if you want to vary your workout". For more information about Nell McAndrew visit her official website

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