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[ November 10th 2004 ]

A recent article in the December issue of Electronics Gaming Monthly (Issue 185) announces that Eidos plans to debut an XBOX version of Tomb Raider 7 in early 2006; several months after Sony Playstation 2 copies will hit the shelves. This information is consistent with reports circulating the web that progress is well underway in adapting Lara's new adventure to suit all current formats. Core Design originally planned The Angel of Darkness to debut in the new XBOX format, but the concept was dismissed due to an exclusive distribution agreement hammered out between Eidos and Sony.

Sony were highly sceptical and harshly critical of The Angel Of Darkness throughout both the closing stages of its development and once the game had been released. Considering such a negative reaction from Sony to The Angel of Darkness, it is hardly surprising Eidos are expanding their platform of choice for future Tomb Raider adventures. Eidos transferred development of the Tomb Raider franchise to its Crystal Dynamics studio in 2003 in a move the company said would enhance the value and maximise the commercial opportunity of one of its key franchises.

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