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[ October 22nd 2004 ]

British actor DANIEL CRAIG has branded movie TOMB RAIDER the worst mistake of his life. The 36-year-old hunk regrets accepting the part of ALEX WEST opposite ANGELINA JOLIE in the widely slammed picture, but insists it has taught him to turn down scripts which make no sense. He complains, "Tomb Raider slowed things down for me. It was the worst mistake I've made. But it was also a good lesson.

"The script on that was all over the place, waffling on about eight foot green monkeys or some such crap and I could just never get my head around what was supposed to be going on. Angie had it worse, she was in every scene and had to take all the crap afterwards. But personally I should never have said yes. I felt like a bit of a spare p**ck at a wedding throughout. I probably looked like one too."

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