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[ January 1st 2001 ]

Billy Bob Thornton couldn't visit wife actress wife Angelina Jolie while she was filming "Tomb Raider" in London, because he's scared of antiques! The "Girl, Interrupted" star says the eccentric Thornton would be terrified at the sight of all the old furniture and pictures that are surrounding her. Jolie says, "He's never been to Europe. And he's also got a problem with antiques. So England's not the choice location for him. Those paintings could do it. And he couldn't have those chairs. Or this porcelain teacup." But Jolie admits to finding her new husband's quirky phobia quite amusing.

She says, "It's pretty funny. I'm like, 'Maybe we can just pick him up at the airport in a really old taxi and, like, take him to some really old hotel. Bring him to Buckingham Palace.'" Jolie thinks her husband's bizarre rituals and compulsions are cute, because they remind her she's actually quite normal. Thornton's days are spent carrying out a number of bizarre rituals such as eating only orange food, and living in constant fear of flying and antiques. But far from thinking her hubby's a nut, Jolie finds it quite comforting, because it makes her seem relatively sane. "I think the compulsions and stuff, maybe they help me artistically. It does take a lot of energy to do that during the day.

"Angelina just laughs at me all the time. I do things like I have to make shapes on the roof of my mouth with my tongue, and we'll be walking down the street and I'll be making these faces, and she'll just laugh."

Jolie is so in love with husband Thornton that, even if he left her, her feelings wouldn't change. Jolie married Thornton in a sudden Las Vegas ceremony last May, and says nothing can ever change her love for him, even him leaving her. Jolie says, "I trust it. I trust what we have. I know that if he suddenly wanted to leave tomorrow, I'm permanently in love with this man. I just care that he's out there. It doesn't matter. And nobody can take away what I have with him, even if he wanted to be somewhere else. It would break my heart, but I always want him to be happy."

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