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[ October 14th 2004 ]

UNHCR started to work with Goodwill Ambassadors in the early 1980s, when Richard Burton and James Mason were first appointed to make media statements and public appearances for the refugee cause. Today, five UNHCR Goodwill Ambassadors with very different professional and personal backgrounds use their talents and time to advocate for refugees: Barbara Hendricks (named in 1987), Adel Imam (2000), Angelina Jolie (2001), Giorgio Armani (2002) and Julien Clerc (2003).

Since early 2001, renowned American actress Angelina Jolie has travelled the world with UNHCR to help refugees. She has worked with field staff and met with refugees in over 15 countries. UNHCR has launched a brand new micro-site focusing on the work performed by Angelina Jolie, with exclusive video-clips, images and extracts from her journal as Goodwill Ambassador. Follow the below hyperlink.

Visit UNHCR's Angelina Jolie micro-site

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