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[ October 12th 2004 ]

Simon Yam, who is expecting a child with model wife Qi Qi, has laughed off allegations that he has a girlfriend of 11 years in the United States. In e-mail sent to Life! as well as the Hong Kong press on Sunday, a reader based in the US said the actor's alleged girlfriend, Zhang Yu, was 'not happy' after reading reports on Qi Qi's pregnancy. The reader added that Zhang, who lives in Dallas, Texas, 'was also pregnant with Yam's child'.

Apparently, she met him in 1993 when she was an employee of a production house. The reader alleged that the two were in 'constant phone contact' and that they sat together at the premiere of his movie, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life, in Los Angeles last year.

Snapshots showing him with a woman said to be Zhang were sent to Apple Daily, which published them yesterday. But Yam has denied the story with a laugh. He told Apple Daily: 'I don't know who she is and I won't take notice of what she says. I believe it is likely to be a prank - I'm always having my pictures taken with my fans.' Yam, 49, has been married to Qi Qi, who is in her 30s, for seven years. She announced she was pregnant last month.

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