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[ October 6th 2004 ]

Hollywood actor Billy Bob Thornton has created a stir in the acting world by calling William Shakespeare "bullsh$t." According to The Sun, Billy Bob, 49, - once married to actress Angelina Jolie - launched a scathing attack on the legendary English playwright. The star of Monster's Ball and The Alamo compared Shakespeare's work to TV soaps.

He said: "I think Shakespeare's overrated. Itís bulls**t. I'd never go and see a Shakespeare play. Who'd want to see me in Hamlet? Who cares? I don't know why actors do it. Shakespeare is just a bunch of soap operas. Itís not that I don't understand it. But people think if you speak with an English accent it somehow makes you smarter. I don't believe in all the flowery language - all of his plays are just a series of soap operas."

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