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[ October 5th 2004 ]

Eidos, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced it has shipped to stores across North America the highly-anticipated Get On Da Mic for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. The game embraces all facets of the world of hip hop and rap. In Get On Da Mic, players will rap through an explosive soundtrack containing 40 of the best tracks originally made famous by yesterday and today's most famous hip hop/rap artists from Sir-Mix-A-Lot and Dr. Dre to Tupac and Kanye West. The game will feature music news reporter Sway as the game MC, DJ Green Lantern as the master behind the turntables and Jadakiss as the game's official hip-hop spokesperson.

"Get On Da Mic is one of the most unique games to hit the streets this season. For the first time ever, players are going to be able to rap to 40 of the biggest hip hop jams ever made. On top of that, the inclusion of a two-player battle mode will definitely make Get On Da Mic 'the' party game of the year. All the closet rappers out there will now have a way to practice their rap game comfortably in their living rooms this holiday," says Chip Blundell, Vice President of Brand Marketing for Eidos Inc.

Get On Da Mic seeks to immerse players into the jet setting hip hop lifestyle. Gamer's ascension to stardom begins in the story mode. Here players choose one of six initial onscreen personas and begin their journey to big hip hop bucks. Starting from practicing in front of their bathroom mirror, moving next to performing on a street corner, to an underground party, to cutting a mix tape, and finally playing a large concert venue; there are a total of 11 different environments to rap in. Along the way players will be able to upgrade their character with new gear as they build their hip hop fortune. Items such as jewelry, clothes, vehicles, and homes are all up for grabs. Only the best lyricists will win the best the hip hop lifestyle has to offer.

Get on Da Mic will be shipped to retailers in two variations. It will be offered in a bundle with the inclusion of a Logitech microphone at the $59.99 price point. In addition, it will ship to retailers without the microphone at the $39.99 price point, if consumers choose to use an USB microphone. Get On Da Mic will also support the venerable EyeToy(TM). This device will be used to project an image of the player on the screen, adding another dimension to the players' gaming experience.

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