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[ October 5th 2004 ]

Hollywood bosses have slammed reports the release of historical epic Alexander has been delayed because the movie is "too gay". Reports last week suggested Warner Bros had put back the film's release to November so they could tone down love scenes between Colin Farrell's bisexual Alexander The Great and a Persian eunuch called Bagoas - played by Francisco Bosch.

But bosses at Warner insist they are thrilled with the film - and changed the release date to help its chances at next year's Oscars. Pictures President of Production Jeff Robinov tells The Scoop, "That is completely untrue. Warner Bros Pictures is proud of Alexander and thinks it is an exceptional piece of filmmaking. We've moved the release date, as we said earlier, to position it better for Academy consideration. We also want to allow ourselves more time to complete some of its ambitious visual effects.

Jeff Robinov continues: "Any speculation that the Studio is trying to cut scenes from Alexander based on their depiction of the sexual relationships of the lead character is false and does not accurately represent the content of the film, which portrays Alexander the Great as heroic, and a man of his time and culture."

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