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[ October 1st 2004 ]

Daniel Craig has turned his back on Hollywood, because he feels more at home making smaller British films. The star - who was recently linked to supermodel Kate Moss- has ventured across the Atlantic ocean to shoot major roles in LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER and ROAD TO PERDITION. But, although he enjoyed the experience, he insists he felt more at home back in Britain to make new film LAYER CAKE.

Craig says, "A film like that (Tomb Raider) is just not my bag. "I've not really got any ambitions towards Hollywood because I think we make quite good movies here, but it's silly not to go and do their films, because they make them on such a big scale." Craig insists he thought only about the big payday when he agreed to star in Tomb Raider, and turned down offers to appear in the sequel - which turned out to be a critical flop.

He adds, "I prefer working on good jobs and my heart is in the UK. I'd like to think I'd take a job in America for the same reasons as I'd take a job here - at least I'd like to think I would."

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