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[ September 26th 2004 ]

Angelina Jolie says sheíll never marry again. The Alexander star, who was wed to Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny Miller, says she realizes she may not be the marrying kind. Sheís too busy trying to help the world. "Maybe who I am as a woman isnít somebody that can be the great partner and wife and also do the things that I want to do, be as dedicated and as in love with that world as I am." Jolie says, reports World Entertainment News Network. "Maybe I was more in love with the world than my husbands and my dedication was more to people I didnít know."

Jolie says sheís comfortable - though not thrilled - with the idea of being a single mom. "Iíve come to realize thereís a very strong possibility I might be raising my children by myself and have great lovers and friends... and thatís sad," she said. "I donít want to hurt anybody. I donít want to be leaving for a trip with a backpack on, with Mad [her son Maddox], and see somebody standing at the door."

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