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[ September 18th 2004 ]

Sigourney Weaver thinks that the quality of female action heroes has declined since she starred in Alien. "I'm not sure I'd say Angelina Jolie was brilliant in the way they used her in Lara Croft", Weaver told Spiegel magazine. "Angelina is a great actress, but her role is limited to fighting evil with weapons. I think it's quite a pity that an actress as good as Angelina Jolie isn't given more room to portray the character of Lara Croft with a touch more intelligence.

"They limited her to the video game character too much. To me, big breasts, hot pants and a gun in your hand aren't what makes a heroine." In the interview, Weaver also admits that a fifth Alien film is in the works, but that she won't be starring in it. "I know there's a script, but I haven't read it," she added. "Never say never, but I'm pretty sure this thing is over for me."

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