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[ September 15th 2004 ]

Eidos has confirmed Tomb Raider 7 - under development by U.S.-based studio Crystal Dynamics - "will be unveiled this autumn and is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of the current financial year." The statement was made as part of Eidos' posted Preliminary Results in which the company registered a 2.9 million pound year-end net loss after sales slumped.

Lara Croft's seventh incarnation has been shrouded in a cloak of secrecy since the very public extraction of the franchise from former developer Core Design to acclaimed Soul Reaver studio Crystal Dynamics following the mediocre performance of The Angel Of Darkness. Eidos, however, recently mooted a new game more in tune with Prince Of Persia's agility and level design and hinted the inclusion of vehicles that will once again aid Lara in her efforts to procure all things ancient.

Eidos will unveil Tomb Raider 7 within the next few months, and will use May 2005's E3 Expo to draw back the curtain by showcasing a playable demo. Stay tuned for more info and brand new media on Tomb Raider 7.

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