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[ September 14th 2004 ]

Cocooned in a pageant of all things uncertain, a source attached to motion picture giant Paramount Pictures recently suggested the studio is still entertaining the notion of a third Lara Croft-helmed movie to conclude the trilogy originally touted by Simon West. Unfortunately for Par, somebody's forget to mention a key ingredient that's sure to be missing from Tomb Raider III: Lara Croft's human counterpart herself, Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie.

So with good humour in mind, we're tentatively canvassing opinion on who should replace the bee-stung lipped beauty as buxom pistol-toting adventurer Lara Croft. Lobby your ideas and suggestion in the box below and press submit. We'll post the most popular and/or funniest in a follow-up article next week. Have fun!

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