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[ September 1st 2004 ]

Model Nell McAndrew will today become the first protester to join homeless charity Shelter’s nationwide sit in as it takes to the streets with a campaign to help a million British children living in unfit housing. The organisation hopes to raise awareness of the health and education problems faced by a generation of young people living in overcrowded, unfit and emergency accommodation. Miss McAndrew will perch on Shelter’s giant red armchair before it tours 25 UK towns and cities over the next four months to promote the charity’s Million Children Campaign. It is hoped that members of the public will join a - physical petition - by being photographed in the seat for an exhibition of supporters to follow in the New Year.

Adam Sampson, director of Shelter, said: "In Britain over a million children are suffering in damp and dangerous homes, living in fear of eviction and debt. Some have lost their homes already. We hope that thousands of people will register their protest and that their elected representatives will commit to ending bad housing for the next generation of children."

The red armchair will today be placed opposite the Houses of Parliament, on the South Bank, before it covers a route from Bournemouth to Dundee. Miss McAndrew said: "My home is so important to me and I know the difference a safe, secure and comfortable home can make to a family. Yet for more than one million children in Britain a decent home is a distant dream."

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