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[ August 31st 2004 ]

Diamond Multimedia, a leading provider of graphics accelerator cards for PCs, today announced a partnership with Eidos Inc. to bundle Eidos games with the Diamond Viper and Diamond Stealth graphics accelerator cards. Diamond Viper cards are shipping this week with a three-game bundle including full versions of "Deus Ex: Invisible War," "Hitman 2," and "Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness." In addition to Diamond Viper, selected Diamond Stealth graphics cards include a full version of "Deus Ex." Both bundles are included with the graphics accelerator cards to offer enhanced value for customers at no additional cost.

"We are very excited to partner with Eidos to include great game bundles for our customers," said Diamond Multimedia senior marketing manager, Mark Geller. "Eidos creates many of the top games for the PC and we are pleased to work with them to provide additional value for our customers and further differentiate the Diamond Viper and Diamond Stealth graphics accelerator cards in the marketplace."

"By partnering with a graphics card leader like Diamond, Eidos can increase our reach into the gaming market and expand our awareness with gaming buyers," said Tom Marx, business development manager for Eidos. "Diamond is well-known for providing excellent game bundles with its graphics cards and this is a great way to continue the tradition. We look forward to a very successful partnership."

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