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[ December 27th 2000 ]

Movie magazine Empire Online finally answers its critics over an alleged signed photograph sent to one of it's readers from Angelina Jolie depicting the Tomb Raider star in character in the first official picture of Lara Croft. Empire was then bullied and badgered by fans insisting that the signed photograph was in fact from Gone in Sixty Seconds or The Bone Collector, but now confirms that the outfit sported by Angelina Jolie in the original signed pic perfectly reflects that of a uniform worn by Angelina in the Tomb Raider movie trailer which was released in December 2000 from Paramount Studios.

"Much as Empire Online hates to blow its own trumpet, in this particular case there is simply no getting around it. We would like to draw everyone's attention to our Exclusive First Picture of Lara Croft and point out that: 'yes, we were right.'"

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