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[ August 30th 2004 ]

Tennis pro Wantana (Prajanbarn) Martinelli, who recently won the U.S.T.A. mixed-doubles championship, stars in Fred Calvert's latest film "Toi and Poochie," a story about two unfortunates thrown together and end up scamming for a bit of the American dream. Martinelli plays Toi, an attractive Thailand tennis instructor who is brought to Los Angeles by a lecherous middle-aged American. She's promised marriage and support for her impoverished family.

But when the man meets a more exciting woman, he callously dumps Toi at the airport leaving her with just enough money for a return ticket to Bangkok. She instead stays and barely survives as a dishwasher. When her wallet is stolen by Poochie, a ten-year-old African American street kid, an unconventional relationship of distrust and reliance begins. Jovon Rashaad, a dedicated new talent who has been acting since he was five, portrays the crafty young Poochie.

John Gilbert, "Camdem" and "Hot Wax Zombies," plays a scoundrel manipulating Toi's affections and America Young plays his conniving daughter. A martial artist and stuntwomen, Ms. Young will be touring the country and Canada this summer as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider in the live-action show. "Toi and Poochie," a Farmhouse Films, Inc. production, is produced by Sukunya Wangsomnuk, TV series "Sex-Ray" and "Zero dB," written and directed by Disney veteran, Fred Calvert, "Sesame Street" and "Rule of Three." The film brings to life the rich ethnic flavor that is Los Angeles as well as the commonality we all have -- a need to love and be loved in return.

Tickets are available for the worldwide premiere of "Toi and Poochie," set for September 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the L.A. Film School. Authentic Thai appetizers will be served and Toi and Poochie themselves, Wantana Martinelli and Jovon Rashaad, will be in attendance. The writer and director Fred Calvert and producer Sukunya Wangsomnuk will be present at the premiere as well. The L.A. Film School is located at 6363 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028.

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