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[ August 26th 2004 ]

In a rather curious turn of events, Tomb Raider publisher Eidos has toiled some subterfuge of its own by sending out feelers via PSM2 magazine on the future guise of the Lara Croft franchise, now under the direction of Californian developer Crystal Dynamics. Curious in the sense that we would have expected the seventh game to have surpassed the ideas and suggestions phase and be loitering midway along the production chain if Eidos are to keep to their planned Summer 2005 rollout date.

According to the magazine, a meeting with Eidos PR yielded some sparse details on the progress made so far. Eidos PR was quoted as saying an early build of Tomb Raider 7 had been attached to the Soul Reaver graphics engine and that core elements had been tinkered to include the introduction of vehicles that, hint Eidos, may assist problem solving elements littered throughout the game. Eidos has also revealed, after some affectionate prodding from PSM2, that Crystal intend to transport Lara back to her origins as ardent Tomb Raider, procurer of all things ancient.

Eidos also mooted a game more in tune with Prince of Persia's agility and level design, before immediately binding PSM2 to an order of secrecy and exiting the meeting at haste. Tomb Raider 7 - tentatively titled... well, Tomb Raider 7 - is penned for a Summer 2005 commercial debut on platforms yet to be specified. Stay tuned for more info and be sure to browse grouped headlines on Tomb Raider 7 below.

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