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[ December 27th 2000 ]

The popularity of Eidos Interactive's Tomb Raider and adventure gaming series Final Fantasy have been fed back to the major motion picture studios, according to a report by Blockbusters Bernie Wooder, who has been studying the growing trend of big screen adaptations from computer games.

"The studios are very good at reinforcing society's trend-gazing habits, playing on our demands to be entertained in ever new and exciting ways. The increasingly sophisticated yet subtle use of special effects, as in Gladiator, has led to an increase in our expectations"

Wooder also offered a note of caution, reinforced by Blockbusters spokesperson Katie O'Rourke who said that the entertainment industry could reach a point of danger from "flavour of the month" fatigue. Tomb Raider the movie, powered by Hollywood giant Pinewood, joins Final Fantasy as next years most anticipated movie conversion, and both trailers have indicated cutting edge cgi effects. June 15th is the date Paramount have set for their Tomb Raider release, and Final Fantasy looks set for a summer 2001 release.

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