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[ August 21st 2004 ]

Daniel Craig was left awestruck by his meeting with superstar director Steven Spielberg. The Tomb Raider star - who is dating supermodel Kate Moss - met the Minority Report film-maker about taking in role in his upcoming movie about the 1972 Olympics hostage crisis. And Craig admits working with Spielberg would be a dream come true.

He says: "It's a definite probable. He definitely wants to make the movie, but whether it will be this year or next, I don't know. "(I was) s*it scared! I was completely f**king s*it scared! I met Spielberg in Paris - sorry, I met 'Steven' in Paris - for 15 minutes, really. He offered me the part and I went, 'Okay, great'. It's easy to be cynical about these things, but I can't. It'll be fantastic to make a film with Spielberg."

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