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[ August 5th2004 ]

According to numerous industry sources, Toby Gard - the original architect behind the Lara Croft Tomb Raider franchise - has been tapped by U.S.-based studio Crystal Dynamics to lend a hand with the new Tomb Raider adventure game. Gard, responsible for creating Britain's most explosive digital export to date while serving with Derbyshire-based studio Core Design in 1995, abandoned his role as lead designer after a series of creative differences shortly after London-based publisher Eidos acquired Core Design following a series of takeovers and mergers.

Gard went on to form Confounding Factor and spent years developing Galleon, a swashbuckling high-seas adventure game that finally shipped to retailers earlier this week. Shortly after completing Galleon, Gard wound up operations at Confounding Factor and is now rumoured to be joining the ranks at Eidos-owned Crystal Dynamics, the Californian-based studio charged with rejuvenating the Tomb Raider video-game franchise.

No official comment has been made at time of going to press. More to follow.

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