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[ August 3rd 2004 ]

British actor Jude Law has commented on working alongside Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie in Kerry Conran's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Laurence Olivier. "Angie is a really old friend who I met not through work but through friends of mine. And it was funny actually working together 'cause we've always talked about doing really serious dramas or this and that. It was a lot of fun; she is so incredibly professional and had done incredible research for that part, which is extraordinary."

When quizzed on the spectacular futuristic costumes designed by Pie Lombardi, Law yielded to the sultry Tomb Raider actress. "I think we were all jealous that she got the best costume to be honest. I mean Gwyneth looked pretty awesome but I particularly liked the fish bowl. I was like 'Why don't I get a fish bowl, I want a fish bowl.'"

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