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[ July 16th 2004 ]

Mastertronic has announced it is to launch a companion label to the phenomenally successful PC Gamer Presents... range this August, as the budget publisher revives the popular M.A.D range. In a case of history repeating itself, the relaunch of the M.A.D label as a companion to the Mastertronic brand has been devised to offer games players access to a wider range of high quality PC titles at sub-10 prices.

Just as only games awarded over 80% in the Future Publishing magazine are considered for the PC Gamer Presents... label, only titles that have sold in excess of 100,000 units will be added to the M.A.D range. Thus, Mastertronic will offer a monthly schedule comprising both labels, with the first M.A.D titles launching Friday, August 13th, with a PC Gamer Presents... collection following in September. Further M.A.D titles will then be released in time for Christmas.

The creation of the second label will also offer retail and publishers a new avenue for their titles. These two credible labels will ensure that titles making their budget debuts will be promoted as of the highest quality, with Mastertronic to continue pushing the obvious qualities of games that have scored over 80% or sold in huge numbers previously. As such, publishers, retail and consumers can rely on both M.A.D and PC Gamer Presents... to release the cream of PC titles for just 9.99.

The first M.A.D collection will feature four high-profile titles, all new to budget. Tomb Raider VI: The Angel of Darkness, the most recent addition to Lara Croft's adventures, will lead the line, with Hitman 2, Praetorians, Might & Magic IX completing a formidable line-up. All four titles have enjoyed massive success as full-price titles, and are the perfect introduction to M.A.D's commitment to quality.

"The M.A.D range comes with a history of quality and good sales, and Mastertronic is delighted to be able to expand its range with such a strong brand," commented Andy Payne, Managing Director, Mastertronic. "We are confident we will enjoy the same sort of success that M.A.D previously enjoyed, and feel that as a complementary label to PC Gamer Presents... we can offer PC users a monthly selection of titles that will be unbeatable in terms of quality and value. We have already secured deals with some of the world's biggest publishers, and this will result in the biggest games coming to these labels, and thus ensuring consumers have a simple choice when it comes to buying budget titles."

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