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[ July 15th 2004 ]

Confounding Factor's upcoming Galleon will be the first, and last, title from the development company, according to a recent Gamespot report. Sources close to the company, founded back in 1997 by Toby Gard and Paul Douglas, indicate that the studio will be shut down after the game is released in North America. Previously responsible for the creation of the Tomb Raider franchise, Gard and Douglas began Confounding Factor after leaving Core Design due to a conflict of interest regarding a sequel to the hit game.

While there was no argument resulting from the existence of a followup, it was the projected timetable that caused issues; Core's owners wanted a sequel ready in little under a year, while Gard and Douglas disagreed. Thus, Confounding Factor was born and work on Galleon began. The title suffered numerous delays, spending over 7 years in development.

Completed earlier this year, Galleon was released in Europe, only to be met with lukewarm reactions. More recently, Atlus U.S.A. announced they would be publishing the North American release of Galleon. When asked about the current status of Confounding Factor, an Atlus U.S.A. spokesperson refused to comment, quickly changing the subject to reveal that Galleon had been pushed up from a late September release to an early August launch.

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