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[ December 20th 2000 ]

Following the international release of Eidos Interactive's fifth Tomb Raider instalment, the Lara Croft adventure has received mixed reviews, and the New Zealand Herald Online had this to say about the last in the present series of Tomb Raider episodes.

For half a decade or more gamers followed Lara’s perfect derriere around the screen in search of that elusive hidden treasure until Miss Croft met her maker at the end of last year’s adventure, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation or did she? The existence of this new title would seem to suggest otherwise, or does it? The game commences with a moody sequence that shows Lara’s poignant memorial service. Refusing to believe that she’s gone, her closest friends gather to reminisce.

This is where gamers can relive each dangerous mission. Before long, they will have joined Miss Croft in an excursion around Rome, aboard a German U-boat, as a young girl (complete with pigtails) investigating an eerie Irish island and, finally, tackling an assault through a high-tech building. Not a lot of new features have been included for loyal fans of the series but there are some surprising twists in the plot that I will not go into. Tomb Raider Chronicles will undoubtedly be popular stocking-filler again this year

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