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[ December 17th 2000 ]

According to a recent report by Media Guardian, Eidos Interactive, the power behind the phenomenally successful Tomb Raider series have been keeping a close eye on proceedings over at Paramount Pictures who are converting cyber babe Lara Croft to the silver screen. Jeremy Heath-Smith, head of development at Eidos Interactive, frequently visits Pinewood Studios London in order to ensure that Paramount are portraying Lara Croft according to their computer series, which has just entered it's fifth, and final ? stage with the Christmas release of Tomb Raider Chronicles.

"Everyone was very nervous about the film, but we have made sure that she is portrayed in the way we intended. "We have worked very closely with the film makers, who have worked so hard to get the look and feel spot-on. There will be no disappointments." said Jeremy Heath-Smith.

Media Guardian also report the track record of film adaptions of computer games has, in the past, been "far from impressive, with Super Mario Brothers and Mortal Combat crashing at the box office." Eidos Interactive look set to receive much needed financial injection after a recent spate of board room resignations and profit warnings, which sent it share price to a low in the final quarter of 2000.

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