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[ June 5th 2004 ]

Eidos plc has dismissed rumours that Deus EX developer and ION Storm creator Warren Spector has parted company from the Austin, Texas-based studio he founded following the completion of Deus Ex: Invisible War and Thief: Deadly Shadows. Spector was also recently rumoured to be lending a hand in the forthcoming Tomb Raider adventure series currently being developed by Californian-based studio Crystal Dynamics fuelling rumours of a collaboration between ION Storm Entertainment and Crystal Dynamics.

Warren Spector has been creating games underscored by silence and shadows for almost 10 years, culminating in the best selling Thief trilogy, System Shock and more recent Deus EX - the first to be created under the aegis of ION Storm Entertainment. According to Eidos, Spector will continue in his present role at ION Storm.

Although Lara Croft abstained from this years E3 trade show, Eidos has confirmed an early build of Tomb Raider 7 has been produced and the company is pleased with the progress being made. A video interview with Mike McGarvey is available from our Tomb Raider MULTiPLEX profiling Eidos' recent performance as game publisher and developer with information on upcoming titles including Tomb Raider.

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