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[ December 15th 2000 ]

Jon Voight, real life and screen father of Angelina Jolie, Paramount Pictures Lara Croft, has expressed concern over his daughters safety while performing most of her own stunts after she tore ligaments during an action shot in Cambodia's fabled Angkor Watt Temples, British newspaper The Express reported today.

"She's done things I couldn't, or wouldn't do, and I wish she wouldn't," Voight said during an interview on Simon West's conversion from computer game to silver screen blockbuster, which is due to finish filming towards the end of December. Jolie, who won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in 1999's "Girl, Interrupted," has spent three months getting in shape for the role which sees her battling evil while clad in a tight black T-shirt and shorts. "Lara is a Brit, posh babe, who likes getting her hands dirty," Jolie was quoted as saying.

The actress, who married Hollywood star Billy Bob Thornton in May, is due to complete the movie by the end of the year. The film is planned to go on release next year.

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