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[ May 15th 2004 ]

Fans of Mike Resnick's Tomb Raider novel The Amulet Of Power may writhe at the news that Headline will publish Dave Gibbons' first novel Atlantis, billed as "Lara Croft meets Raiders of the Lost Ark." Novel touts itself as an "action-adventure story featuring a group of deep sea divers who discover the legendary city only to come up against a group of modern-day pirates who are determined to stop and take any treasure for themselves."

Founded in 1987, Headline is the home to many bestselling and award-winning authors - both fiction and non-fiction. Fiction authors include a clutch of No 1. Bestselling authors including thriller writer James Patterson; one of the world's best-known authors Tom Clancy; and the greatest living saga writer, Josephine Cox in addition to a whole host of other bestselling authors and a harbour of new talent.

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