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[ December 8th 2000 ]

Talking to The Daily Mail, Angelina Jolie revealed what she went through to become the incarnation Lara Croft.

"Iíve never really worn tight clothes like these," she said, referring to Laraís distinctive tight t-shirts and shorts. Getting into character, Jolie underwent a strict physical regime in order to match the characterís sleek proportions. "In my first week here they took away cigarettes, alcohol and bread, but Iíve never eaten so much in my life. Iíve done months of training and Iíve gained weight and I finally feel like a woman."

Jolie worked with Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming on perfecting the right look for the character. "Thereís sort of a mystical feeling about Lara Croft that we had to bring out in the way it looks. But Laraís not sitting there, ready for action every minute, so for one of the most hair-raising sequences sheís in silky menís style pyjamas that are quite alluring."

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