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[ May 14th 2004 ]

Thousands of bra-clad women will power walk their way through London from midnight on Saturday to raise money for breast cancer research and care. The Playtex Moonwalk which begins in Hyde Park, central London, will follow a marathon-length 26.2 mile route. It is expected that the women, all dressed in decorated bras, will raise more than 4m.

Model Nell McAndrew and Anthea Turner will also join the eighth annual walk along with an estimated 15,000 women. Nina Barough started the Walk the Walk charity in 1996 when she and 12 women power-walked the New York marathon in decorated bras. Ms Barough discovered she was suffering from breast cancer the following year.

The team grew and took part in two London marathons. But as they found it difficult to get marathon places, they created the Moonwalk. Other famous walkers include Victoria Wood, Koo Stark and Sally Gunnell who will be wearing bras created for them by top designer Frank Usher. All money raised will go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

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