Weta Workshop progress update on The Lost Valley statue
[ 06 Apr 2021 ]
Video update and new conceptual artwork showcasing progress on The Lost Valley statue.
Tomb Raider III signature artwork reimagined by Zeronis
[ 05 Apr 2021 ]
Tomb Raider 25 continues with the release of brand new reimagined Tomb Raider III signature art.
Mystery at Croft Manor now live in Fortnite, new trailer drops
[ 23 Mar 2021 ]
Mystery at Croft Manor experience is now live in Creative and will be featured until March 30.

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[ December 12th 2000 ]

Fearless adventurer Angelina Jolie has, according to Tomb Raider stunt coodinator Simon Crane, "a passion for performance which extends to doing her own stunts" America's USA Today reported during an interview with Crane.

''I would rate Angelina very highly against all of the action actors I have worked with,'' says Crane, whose work includes Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart and Vertical Limit. We've done a couple of sequences that involve stunts you won't have seen a woman do before, and basically she is doing almost all of these stunts herself. We did a bungee-jumping sequence, and she went through three months' training to be able to do it. She's just done all these somersaults for another sequence. I was very impressed.''

The film, out in June, is based on the popular video game. Jolie plays Lara Croft, a Pulitzer Prize-winning art collector, photojournalist, adventurer and aristocrat who gets into adventures involving lost civilizations. The stunts and action sequences are in the Indiana Jones/James Bond mode, Crane says. And while the actress is up for the challenge, Crane has his own. ''It's a question of telling Angelina that she's not allowed to do this or that,'' he says. ''She can be a very stubborn lady."

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