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[ April 28th 2004 ]

A new version of the popular windows-based utility for Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness has been released by Bokkie from - This configuration application works alongside all three official AOD patches released by Eidos PLC and includes God Mode cheat option, game recording functions, additional environment information and support for XPD. (eXtended PaD files)

Latest changes reflected in the new version include: Improved Installation: added TRAOD SCU extra folder with several commands and shortcuts; installer layout also changed. Improved help file: written description for each program window, command line parameters, added more program screenshots, guide for translation the program to different language. Includes search help option. Added new program switches: -BENCHMARK, -PLAYDEMO, -SECRETAREA and -HELP. Added benchmark files for GeForce 4 MX 440 SE and Intel 82845 Graphic Controller.

Additional features: Added program build version (splash screen, about box.) Changed icons for associated XPD and SBF files. Added shortcut in Start Menu > TRAOD SCU > Extras for automatic installation of Secret Training Area savegame. You may also install this savegame if you start the program with "-secretarea" parameter C:\Program Files\TRAODSCU\TRAODSCU.EXE -secretarea.

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