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[ April 27th 2004 ]

Angelina Jolie says she wants her son Maddox to have a normal upbringing, and that's why she's sending him to nursery in England. When asked whether she wanted Maddox to go to school in London where she has a residence, Jolie told German magazine Frau im Spiegel: "Yes. I want to raise him as normally as possible, so I'm not going to say where he's been registered." She added that she hoped Maddox, 2, would one day learn his native Cambodian language Khmer, but didn't think he was ready yet. She said: "He's not even three years old. He's learning English and French. I think teaching him such a different language right now would be too much for him."

Speaking about her Maddox-Jolie Project to help poor children, the 28-year-old actress suggested she didn't think it fair actors got paid huge sums for relatively light work. "I founded the project because I thought: How can someone like me, who gets horrendous sums for work that's not very strenuous, ask strangers to donate money? That's why I'd prefer to give my own money." Jolie has said she hopes to adopt one child from every world crisis region.

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