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[ April 25th 2004 ]

Water waste! Yorkshire Water's proposed website featuring former Lara Croft model Nell McAndrew as a virtual tour-guide has apparently been flushed before even getting out of the pipes. Nell, who recently completed the 26-mile London marathon, had recorded the script to the world's first virtual sewage tour based around the company's Esholt sewage treatment works on the outskirts of Bradford. But at time of press, the company's web site appears to have been dumped.

With the help of "virtual Nell", cyber visitors logging onto the site were to be treated to a tour of the works, with Nell explaining the cleansing process involved in preparing the water for re-consumption. And to support the launch of the virtual tour, Yorkshire Water was also staging an actual tour of the Esholt works where the real Nell McAndrew would be one of those taking in the sights, sounds and smells, according to Ananova.

Yorkshire Water PR Manager David Simister said: "What better way to launch a virtual tour hosted by a virtual Nell than by having a proper tour with the proper Nell? This is a case of Tomb Raider becoming Sewer Raider!"

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