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[ December 7th 2000 ]

According to a comical report in The Register, the breasts of Lara Croft will receive a boost in the new version of Tomb Raider Next Generation, giving her more definition and greater detail. "...but as a Reg staffer pointed out, you never get to see them anyway because you're always behind her. We are unable to confirm whether Core Design will include a new viewing angle purely to enjoy the game's latest enhancements. But don't worry. Apparently, her arse will also be rounder.

Core Design, the makers of Eidos Interactives Tomb Raider series, responded to The Register with clarification on a few minor details, including the fact that Lara's breasts will not be larger, but boast finer detail from their existing 500 polygons to 5,000.

Full story here.

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