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[ April 10th 2004 ]

Tomb Raider Chronicles has been providing unparalleled intelligence and media to fans of the phenomenally successful Lara Croft Tomb Raider franchise for almost four years. Fearless with our appetite to unreservedly report breaking news with impartiality and professional journalism, our content continues to be syndicated across the Moreover Network who provide breaking news and intelligence to over 16 million users via internet portals including Yahoo! Alta Vista and Ask Geeves.

Our newly launched Tomb Raider Chronicles Print Edition pools only the newest headlines from our main Tomb Raider Chronicles web site and presents in a super speedy format for lightning fast page loads specifically designed for internet users connecting via mobile phones and/or PDA's. Over the coming weeks, we'll be ardently converting our complete 1500+ article library into our new Print Edition format. Follow the below hyperlink to access Tomb Raider Chronicles Print Edition.

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